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We are ConMiGo Somos ConMiGo Nous Sommes ConMiGo Siamo ConMiGo

“Con mi go” is Spainish for “Come with/ follow me. “


The fashion background of Conmigo is a unique combination of opposites. There is the cosmopolitan, stylish and contemporary spirit of a busy London married to the passionate, colourful and flamboyant Latin lifestyle.
Conmigo merges these two vibrant and opposite lifestyles to deliver unique products.

Conmigo entices you on this unique journey of embracing life with confidence.

Con Mi Go Profile
The team at Con Mi Go London Ltd have many years experience in the fashion industry and provide unique designer Womenswear and other fashion accessories to both retail and corporate clients.
Con Mi Go London Ltd started trading in the City of London and quickly gained numerous London based professional clients, such as lawyers, accountants, designers, stylists, artists and celebrities.
The range includes unique designer party dresses, knitwear,tops,handbags, hats and accessories, created and manufactured by a talented team of over forty designers and fashion companies, inspired by the company’s owner who graduated from the famous St Martin’s, University of Arts London
These items are perfect for ladies who enjoy wearing unique fashions at high street prices and also make great presents.

Con Mi Go Unique Fashion Range:
Party designer dresses, tops, coats and knitwear:
Dresses from £30 to £350+
Tops from £20 to £180
Knitwear from £35 to £500
Our knitwear selection includes designs embroidered on pure fabrics or a mixture of fabrics such as Angora, cashmere, mohair, alpaca, wool, pashmina, cotton, silk and satin.  Our embroidered range includes cardigans and sweaters......
Bags range from £30 to £500
Scarves range from £35 to £125
(Prices are for guidance only and may be subject to change)

We only sell genuine original design products, we ask you not to copy or imitate designs as these are the work of individual designers often with elements subject to copyright / intellectual property.

The photos of our product are copyrighted and can only be used under licence from ConMiGo or our suppliers.