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Lavand - Madrid

"Lavand’s story started almost 20 years ago with the company Loco time which was founded in Madrid in 1993. the corporation distributed foreign accessory brands, a business that helped to earn the knowledge for entering new realms in the fashion business. Loco time also developed its own line of accessories, together with the production of private labels for many big fashion groups. the new century helped the company established itself as one of the most quickly sought-after companies! but it was in 2008, when Lavand was born and grew rapidly thanks to good taste in style guided by a great marketing project. girls loved the colorful and fresh designs and Lavand had tremendous success.

Not only Lavand was born into the Loco time family. in 2010, ginger+soul, a new brand, was launched full of urban energy, innovation, fresh ideas and brave attitude. One year later, in 2011 Little Lavand was launched for the kids. nowadays, the brand has gained the knowledge and experience to grow and make new steps. Lavand is dynamic and ambitious and works in madrid with a team of almost 50 multicultural professionals - always with the same claim: minds open to the world!



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